My Father’s Gifts to me

The phrase "My Father" is one of my mother's favorite phrases to invoke about her Father This same phrase is  becoming - has become - one of my favorite phrases to invoke about my Father As a full grown female adult, my Dad gave me one of the priceless gifts ever given to a female … Continue reading My Father’s Gifts to me


Rocky Times

Life can be gorgeous today. But is the total opposite by morning. And we wonder in deep despair at our circumstance. Why? Why even bother living? These questions are valid because there is an answer.

We are all pencils in the hands of our Creator. Sketches of the pictures in His mind. He does and will undo at His pleasure - for Our good. Through the bushy pathways He's shown us the tracks of His ways. If only we'll listen and adhere, in glory then will we walk. Truth is … Continue reading


Share... How worry has helped you. I am curious... Share... how fruitful How generous How rewarding Worrying has been. And share... How freeing Not-Worrying has been

To Be Whole

To be whole One must embrace The many facets of being Dark greens Wrapped around Gleaming pinks In a flamboyant show Of utter wholeness Let sun and rain come Bask in the depths Of how complete You are. ~Fav

Seasons That Try

Jn. 16:33 Jn. 14:1 Seasons will come. Seasons that'll try you. Hard seasons that'll squeeze things out of you. Just keep your eyes on Jesus. Stay in Him. But even more, "grow" through that season. Burgeon then where it is said to be impossible. ♡ #poetry #poet #writer #christianyouth #christianmillennials #christianwriter #youthministry #creativewriting #faith ##trials … Continue reading Seasons That Try

This Growing Woman

I hope you can grow young woman. I hope you can walk into the tides even with a trembling heart. You'll only thrive while the tide crashes. Beyond all the chattering voices and opinions, know yourself. Find YOU.♥️ #poetry #poet #christianwriter