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Courting Singles and Intimacy

He likes me ... I think His hands on my skin The feels, akin to the trembling shiver of a rolling drum My body, its tempo in tune with his sliding hand down my back If there was earth beneath... Continue Reading →

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My Father’s Gifts to me

The phrase "My Father" is one of my mother's favorite phrases to invoke about her Father This same phrase isĀ  becoming - has become - one of my favorite phrases to invoke about my Father As a full grown female... Continue Reading →

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Life can be gorgeous today. But is the total opposite by morning. And we wonder in deep despair at our circumstance. Why? Why even bother living? These questions are valid because there is an answer.

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For you, what would your story read? Would it tell tales of grace and love? Would it inspire and challenge? Would it dent marks of courage For you, what would your story bleed? The echoes of history will scream It... Continue Reading →

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We are all pencils in the hands of our Creator. Sketches of the pictures in His mind. He does and will undo at His pleasure - for Our good. Through the bushy pathways He's shown us the tracks of His... Continue Reading →

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What Season Is It?

It's the season of joy. Of love and sharing. Christ birthed this season. Hence, we see the Spirit of this season as one from Christ Jesus.

How Do you Deal with an Emotional/Mental Abuse?

How do you handle mental abuse? How do you protect yourself from emotional abuse? Where does your mind find peace from such tyranny? Psychological abuse is the pertinent reality of many A manipulation into a certain mental demeanor A clasp... Continue Reading →

Words are blades Sharpened in the wild fires of untamed tongues They cut deep through the floors of the Atlantic And the surface of its waters bleed blood over its blues Words are Hot Tea in the Colds of Alaska... Continue Reading →

I have recently been on the track lane of listening Just being silent and listening Personal challenges Intense Political atmosphere Family situations A re-occurring message in my heart through all these is this - "What is God saying at this... Continue Reading →

When We Pray…

We should ask Jesus to fill every part of our hearts with His love. To stuff it so full that there is no room to breed evil.

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