The Beauty of Character

Thigh gaps
Flat tummies
Brows perfectly aligned
Lips meticulously painted with a precise intention on the little “v” on the upper lip
Face carefully patched with the deception our eyes fall for daily
Wine colored high heels matching with her wine colored lips… and a classic black dress dripping down her short torso and halting on her long thighs intentionally avoiding her knees
She is the digit “8” in human form
Every time she walks, she competes with cat family of the animal kingdom

Six packs
Firmly defined biceps protruding at every move
Calves popping out from his legs like a breast-shaped potato
Sharply demarcated breasts sitting on his chest like two clay plates on a pottery table
His beards full, bountiful and eye catching
His finely aligned and sparkling white dentition is the modeled recommendation on full display at the dentist’s
The mirror is his god and ever-present admirer

How is it that we have been so deceived
The richness of our culture can be found in the power of a flicker of light
It is stored and adored in the unavoidable aging of dust
At the slightest breath, this dust disappears
Effort and time exerted on the very thing that gradually fades away with time
In fact, time tells us that these cravings we feed on, she will crush at her pleasure
This craving for the temporary
That which is subject to the revolving walls of the earth
The earnest striving for outward beauty
This has become the essence of living in our generation
The determinant of acceptance
The definition of beauty
The cry of many – to be sexy
A sense of insufficiency befalls a soul until the addition to Botox to uplift those lips
Self-gratification is achieved within the confidence of added silicone, gummy bears and saline to the original product
Because…just because…the original is insufficient – inadequate – not enough – insatiable

There is something better I can tell you about
Something more attractive than skin
Even glass calls it “smoother”
It is alluring to the soul
Can’t be burnt in a furnace
It calms the Lions in their den
It knows no decay
But is absolutely beneficial to humankind
It is beyond time
It’s presence halts time itself
And brings meaning to men and women
Brings meaning to living.

Intangible in nature, it is the beauty of character
I beg you,
Please shift your thinking now.
Beauty isn’t only that which is seen.
It is more so a thing
A thing immeasurable in of itself
It knows no price tag
It is expressed
It is felt.

Your character is you
It is worn like a perfume and is smelt wherever our feet stumps
People will turn around anyway
If bad, eyes roll, noses wince in the unforeseen torment, throats shut their gates hindering the temporary passage of saliva, mouths erupt in the blessing of the soil with the throat-rejected-spit.
However, in the advent of a pleasant scent, both nostrils fight for the utmost reception of this passing scent, eyes stare in admiration of the carrier, lungs open in a generous embrace and mouths seeks some portion of this blessedness.

We choose to be beautiful or ugly in our charisma
Character building is intentional
It can be equated to shopping – the picking and dropping of attitudes
Thousands of products lined up in shelves
Colors, designs and painting impeccably arranged to lure buyers
Empty carts we come with, leaving with items in them – sometimes over-flowing
What is it we have chosen?

She chooses what to throw in her cart – her mind carefully accessing each item
Every isle has its display
The eye of her soul scans its content
Weighs its potential nourishment to her
She is wise in her choosing
Not every isle contains an item that deserves a spot in her cart
Out of the content of her cart, her life is built
She opens her mouth and unleashes kindness
Kindness was prudently hidden behind the finely packaged product “Cruel”
Squinting through Cruel, she grabbed Kindness and would not let go

Her warmheartedness is like the consolation of a heavy jacket in the biting cold winter mornings
It is very much needed
And she is timely in her dispersal of warmth
She nurtures the wounded, offering capsules of love and kind words to the hurting
She knows not to throw darts of ill words to souls that live in bodies.
She has taught her mind to apply wisdom in the opening of her mandibles, for out of it the sketch of her heart comes on display
She is the quintessence of compassion.
A prototype of contentment
She joys in the giving of thought

He had gone to the mall
The stores were full and overwhelming
His cart was rolled along the lines of the isles
Customers filled the store
The temptation of the product marked “Pride” overcame him as he beheld the item in the hands of a fellow customer
But Grace quickly reminded him that it was the same content the Holy Spirit dejunked him of after his last shopping.
This was it, in a beautifully modified container – colors literally calling out to him to be grabbed

Humility and patience stuffed his cart that he needed help lifting them from the mall
He applied them daily in his interactions with the rich and the poor
He puts the cream of loyalty after his bath, ensuring that he stays faithful to commitment
Integrity is constantly sprinkled over his tongue, he is wise in his application of language
Every letter of Integrity is stenciled on his forehead
His words are his chain – his handcuff
He is a man of his semantics
A collage of diverse colors of gentleness.

Good character is an incorruptible beauty
It is like a magnet naturally attracting to itself the “effects” of itself
House Legos are built block by block
Several processes reveal the beautiful structure
Character Legos are the same
Constantly building on them
Adding each block to our lives add meaning and purpose to us

These are the Character Legos: Integrity, patience, kindness, gentleness, authenticity, peaceful, encouraging, loving, polite, nice, forgiving, contentment, faithfulness, loyalty, virtuous, joyful, thankful, respectful, sincere, passionate, understanding, thoughtful, sweet, compassionate..

Building one on each other creates beautiful humans out of us
We radiate these beauties on the outside

Time has told of herself
She flaunts good deeds in harvest time
How about we invest her in the imperishable
In the accumulation of “character wealth” – a wealth of it.
That which is profitable to you and I
That which is priceless
Life is not valued from the extracts of expenses unleashed on material things

Let’s walk our way to beauty
Lego by Lego
Day by day.
Renewing that which cannot decay – the eternal
Leaving a trail of life wherever our feet may go
A conscious effort
When I fall, you’ll be there with your hands of compassion lifting me
And when you cry, my shoulder of tenderness will comfort you
This imagery is what humanity is about
We are about the love
That is why we share one earth.

~Favour Oluchi Emeakama~
~Written on – July 5, 2016~

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