I was told that you bear wonderful worlds within you
You carry greatness in the bowls of your heart
You are the perfect depiction of the image of God
From your inception, the Creator wrote about your existence
He said “I have known you, and my plans for you are good”
Now, when He says ‘good’, He really means it, like Excellently Good.

Realizing that the possibility of your existence was calculated in the dairies of heaven should calm your mind in the storms of life.
You are spectacular!
The scriptures say you are the daughter of Sarah.
In effect, the daughter of promise.
The daughter of Abraham, the Friend of God.
That alone just fills my heart
How privileged are you my sister!

I have to tell you this:
There are billions of women on planet earth
I could take a walk with you from east to west, and we could fly from the North Pole to the South Pole to find your replicate
I can promise you we’d find none, because we’ve got only one of you
Just one – You!
You have a sisterhood of ladies here to lift your shoulders
We are your cheerleaders waiting to see you live to your fullest
Greatness awaits you
She yells out to you in the center of your struggles chanting your victories as your fight through.
I can’t imagine what your mind is yet to birth
I refuse to see you as ordinary
I know you know you aren’t ordinary

So, wake up, look in the mirror and dare to speak life into your day.
Look in the mirror, smile and walk with your shoulders high.
Stride your stuff knowing your heart is an inestimable gold
Not a cheap plastic ball to be tossed around by just any man
Understand that you are beyond the numbers inscribed on a price tag.
I mean it!
You are valued.
You are highly valued.
Even the family of doubt believes you are valued!

Favour Oluchi Emeakama
September 14, 2016


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