Hope … (Response to Lost)

God: Hey dear,
I know what you are seeking
Right here from the heavens I see your plight
And I am here to your rescue
The wild waves of life are above your head – drowning you
But here I am as your lifeguard

You have questioned your purpose
You have interrogated your mother’s womb seeking for the meaning of your existence
You have beaten each passing cloud and asked why it rained on you

Son, look in the mirror of your soul and tell me, in whose image are you made?
Yes, I invented your birthing
Yes, I crafted you with my mind’s careful dexterity
Your existence was planned to give me alone glory
So when I sight you, I sight purpose

Somehow you swayed with every wind and disappeared with the sunsets
Neglecting my implant in you for the earnest need of a Transcendent being – Me!
You channeled your desires to vanity and ended as such.

But you know I am popularly known for many things
One of which is hope
I have hope in the palm of my hands and I’m willing to offer to you bountifully
I am Love – Love is my nature
And in my nature, I give new chances to live life

The Prophet Jonah can confess that I am gracious and filled with Kindness
Doesn’t Jonah frown at my compassion towards you?
His anger is his path to the belly of the fish as my loving kindness is a path to your only source of Hope.
Yes Hope!

A bruised reed you are
But I will not crush you
Neither will I toss you away
I’ll restore ten thousand fold all the years gone
I’ll strengthen you
And through you will I build nations

Your soul is like a flickering candle
But in me you will not be snuffed away
For I’ll place in you my spirit and ignite your light in every way.
I am!
I am He who formed you
You are a walking image of me
So your purpose is found ‘only’ in me
The meaning of your life is inscribed on the walls of my heart
So reach into my heart that you may understand who you are
Be a man after my heart
…A woman after my heart
Then I’ll teach you all things through my Spirit

I’ve dealt with your wrongs and misgivings centuries ago
At the cross in Christ I have forgiven your present actions
I have restored all the years the worms have eaten
Worry not about restitution
Your restitution holds no water to me
For I have ordered perfect justice for your sake
That through my offering of justice you have hope to be Free in me.
My hope is a clean slate for you
Start again!
Start again Child!
I am!
I am God!

Favour Oluchi Emeakama
September 23, 2016

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