Dead Leaves on Green Grass

Buy a rake
Keep it on standby
Seasons will tell you that she changes like the swift movement of spectator clouds
So keep the rake close by.

Look around, all these dead leaves were once full of life
Flaunting their bare selves on branches
Each one, a graceful participant in nature’s beauty pageant
The trees standing high in the green grass
These leaves sheltered the intimate moment of the birds in their nests
These leaves!
These leaves are now dead
Laying hopelessly
Dancing to every tune of breeze walking past
They have no future
A foot on its head and it is crushed
Once valued
Now a bunch of rubbish
Although beautifully morphed to brown!

They are dead now
No longer relevant
They were made to stay on branches
Not laying dead and brown on green grasses
So bring the rake closer
That we may do justice to this phase of life the ecosystem has encountered
An appropriate burial suitable for all the times you were the beauty of nature my eyes adored each morning

Here is one lesson of life
There are seasons
Times pass
But ironically, TIME also stays
So it is with people
Don’t leave dead leaves hanging on your trees or laying on your greenlands
Whoever that is not being fruitful in your life is sucking away your blanket of beauty
Get a rake
Gently rake the dead leaves

The trees will stand, and the branches will remain
Let sustenance be the glue between you and the branches in your life
Growth is offended by the stagnancy of rancid waters
Those that keep growing and make you grow.
Through the seasons
They stand.

So as the seasons, Life is in phases
Frostbite befriends the ears of ones refusal to end the dance with Summer
Move, move, chase life!
Clean up!
Dust up!

~Emeakama Favour~

October 31, 2016

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