Rocky Times

That was what tomorrow delivered at my doorstep
Yet, here I was smiling away my today
Unaware a fine-tuned terror awaits me

And tomorrow comes
The wicked swipes of her anger lashes out on me
My life was slammed with the darkest eclipse

And in the center of this I questioned living
Why even struggle?
What is the purpose?

Somehow it seemed the beds of my heart have never known joy
Despair wakes my morning
And sadness accompanies my eyes to sleep

Yet, my heart knows one constant fact
The intents of God are always PERFECT
In God’s transcendent sovereignty, He allows the storms

The gentle breeze of this knowledge caresses my teary eyes
That tender voice reassures my wobbly heart
That I am always in His thoughts – Because He cares.

So I know that when Life hits me hard
It’s okay to cry
Knowing His perfect and loving intentions write my story.

Favour Emeakama
August 27, 2017

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