What has been going on with me?

I have recently been on the track lane of listening
Just being silent and listening

Personal challenges
Intense Political atmosphere
Family situations

A re-occurring message in my heart through all these is this – “What is God saying at this time”
This message has led me to inner silence
Be still and listen

Not to your emotions, as we are inclined to do
But to that calm voice of truth
We just know it when we hear it
That voice that our human emotions violently resists

I have fought this voice
But The Lord has convicted me of my actions

Two weeks ago, our Assistant Pastor taught on “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit”
Talk about “Conviction”

I was reminded that the Spirit of God is a Person
And this “Person” should not be ignored
As this Person is here for our guidance

I will send you a Helper – Jesus Promised
And He sure did.


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