My Father’s Gifts to me

The phrase “My Father” is one of my mother’s favorite phrases to invoke about her Father
This same phrase is  becoming – has become – one of my favorite phrases to invoke about my Father

As a full grown female adult, my Dad gave me one of the priceless gifts ever given to a female child
He let me have a voice – Three of his daughters

I have seen women suppressed and oppressed
Rendered voiceless yet with sound vocal cords hanging down their throats

It is a wilderness in those minds formally invigorating
And a sad dryness in those eyes once enchanting and winsome

It is one of the most shattering sights the human eyes have experienced
Even more women stripped of their wholeness down to an object of pleasure

Every female child you see has a voice to air a significant gift
Yet not all of these are given the atmosphere of free expression

“My Father” always says to me – “Be yourself”
“My Father” repeatedly said to me – “You can only compete with yourself”

When you see that little girl, let her know she is enough and whole
Let her know that her Creator made her WHOLE

Let her know so, not out of pity
Let her know so because she is HUMAN.

To this little girl whose eyes are wild and heart daring
Be you.  Be all that you are.  Empty yourself of all God deposited in you.

Love That Little Girl
Let Her Be
And She will Blossom What The Skies Can Tell

Favour Emeakama
October 30, 2017.

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