Courting Singles and Intimacy

He likes me … I think
His hands on my skin
The feels, akin to the trembling shiver of a rolling drum
My body, its tempo in tune with his sliding hand down my back
If there was earth beneath me, I was unaware for all my eyes saw was cloud nine
Society tells me its green light
Green light for our sacrosanct moment of copulation

But they’ve lied to us
Urging us against God
Compelling our susceptible minds that in the widening of her legs
And in his digging of mines
Lay the absolute gratification of human intimacy
That our warmth is only a given in the podded enclave of carnal knowing

But the God-life calls on the otherwise for Singles
Where intimacy is far from the coastlines of intercourse
But is in his deep searching of the person of her heart
Where she knows the joys of his soul
Where their prayers to The Father are of the future they both dream


Courting singles may seek the boundaries of intimacy within the gates of purity
Where the pure company of each other is satisfactory
His interests are her medals
Her goals can he recite while asleep
He knows she prefers Abacha over Ugba
She tells he is a dire sucker for Coke over Malt
Intimacy for these singles are the roots and stems of profound knowing
Of Intellectual, Personal, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Knowing.

And you both shall feel the tingly thingy frequently
Calling together the communion of all existing hormones and emotions
And thine eyes shall be as foggy as the cold harmattan morning
But we know that long lasting unions are more than these
Long lasting relationships are built on the rock which is Christ
From this rock then stems true intimacy and an abiding relationship

© Favour Emeakama
November 10, 2017.

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