How Do you Deal with an Emotional/Mental Abuse?

How do you handle mental abuse?
How do you protect yourself from emotional abuse?
Where does your mind find peace from such tyranny?

Psychological abuse is the pertinent reality of many
A manipulation into a certain mental demeanor
A clasp into a cave of the abuser’s joy
A systematic conditioning into a unassertive life

It is a space void of candor
It must suit the taste buds of the abuser
There must be a subservient

Any thought process outside of the abuser’s is a red line
It is a painful betrayal that your subservient soul will pay for
They are either passive or aggressive, or both

Would you share what you would do?
Have you ever been in such a situation?
Know someone who has been through it?

Share some strategies.
Thank you.

6 thoughts on “How Do you Deal with an Emotional/Mental Abuse?

  1. My situation was one where the abuse took place only in private, and in public he was a lovely person. (Except the glares I received when nobody was looking, or the silent, subtle head shakes.) My defense was to pretend I was too proud to be hurt by his abuse. Now that I’m rid of him physically tho, he has convinced many of my family that he was truly wonderful to me. The sufferig from THAT is even worse. Now its not 1 person, but many- messing with my head.

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    1. Thank you Julie for responding. What you expressed is true of emotional abuse. It is usually in Private, and if offended in public, the repercussions are withheld until back in private.

      If I may ask, how are you dealing with his “new” method of getting at you? I am sorry you have to go through this. But I feel you are much stronger to deal with this situation.

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      1. Pretty much in the same way. It’s mostly one branch of my family who don’t even acknowledge my presence when I’m in the same room. It hurts, but I’m slowly coming to realize that its their loss. Considering I never asked that my family choose sides when we separated, the fact that they did this is mind boggling.
        The part I don’t accept and what makes me irate, is when he is hurtful (verbally or mentally) to our 2 kids. I can’t stop him from seeing them, and he says things like “your finger painting is dumb. It doesn’t even look like anything.” I have struggled with how to stop feeling guilty about my kids going through this now, too.


        1. Do you mind if I put you in my prayers, Julie?
          You have so much power in you to rise above this wickedness. Not just for yourself, but also for your kids.
          Protect your peace. Guard it Julie, and the peace of your kids. Your kids will understand better when they are older.

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