Why The Angels Sang Hallelujah!

I think the angels waited for ages for This day

For they have watched humanity for centuries and weeped for our demise

Finally this day broke

And they broke into their dance

Their shouts, trumpets, singing – Glory to the New Born King!

The savior is here

The long awaited salvation and rescuer

The day the Word at Creation became Flesh

The day that God’s plan for reconciliation was in human form

If they sang rejoicing in the birth of a thing that they have no benefit in

How much more you and I

Whom our Father purposed all these for.

That He may, through Himself, bring us back to Himself.

Our gift was born today

The one gift fitting for all of humanity.

Peace be unto you dear readers ❤

Have a Merry Christmas

Favour Emeakama

December 25, 2017.

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