Lift Them Up… All Those That Fill You Up

Pray for those that minister to you.
All of them
Your Pastors, Mentors, Parents, Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Anyone that’s there as a source for you to drink from when you are dry, empty, crushed, hopeless.
Lift them up to Jesus.

Because they are HUMANS too.
That go through stuff
That stumble
That need Grace
And Mercy
That need to be filled and refilled too
Because they can run dry too
Life happens
Lift them up in prayers
Lift them up in Psalms and singing.
Lift them up ❤

2 thoughts on “Lift Them Up… All Those That Fill You Up

  1. Oh Favour, this is so very timely!
    Let us indeed not forget to lift them up, because they are also still in the FLESH, and need our ‘ministrations’ just as much as we need theirs…
    Help us Lord!

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