Wife From Hell – The Woman You Don’t Want

Her mouth is a mellifluous river of sweets and salts
Her shoulders mount on high horses
Her hands direct traffic of luxury
Yet those hands know no work

Her husband adores her
He knows no other woman but her
Her satisfaction is his paramount desire
Even in his dreams, her being enchants him

His blood he trades to meet her flying demands
Yes, his mates know his plight
Helter-skelter is he known for in the Streets
Just for the glory of her smile in the evening time

Her satisfaction is akin to the Royals
Because he loves her, he dips his hands in his valley of debts
She threatens to leave with her insatiable quests
He kneels…with a promise of gold

She is the death of him
He’d be better off single
Her beauty is like the wayward dust
Dust violently raptured in the storm

#Wife #Marriage

Originally written and Posted on Facebook on June 28, 2017

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