Stories of Nigeria #1 – Candles


This is an image of Nigeria
A lighted Candle
Sitted in the heart of each room void of electricity
Each room dark as the spheres surrounding the stars at night
A sustained flicker of light that would soon drain with the passing of time.

Around this candle is a gathering of the family
And a rundown of the day’s activities ensues
Children, then Father, and Mother
And we gist … in an inevitable communion of smoke inhalation

In some worlds candles are lit in daylight for scents
In our Nigerian-World candles are lit for sight

Here we lit candles to prevent stumbling in the thick of dark
Here we lit candles for homeworks to be done by little ones
Here we lit candles for college students to study at night
Here we lit candles for fathers to bath the little ones


In Nigeria we lit candles to see faces of loved ones erupt in much needed laughter
We lit candles to dispense pills in Pharmacies
We lit candles to cook family meals
We lit candles to search for danger

This is Nigeria
A country drenched in every thing deeply passionate and hopeful
Where the young dream of life bigger than their minds can grasp
Where kids talk of a future completely abstract from what they see around them

Yet they dream
In daylight and in a candle-supported night
We dream.
Yet we dream, facing the smoke-rising candle in the midnight
We still dream.
This is Nigeria
The soil I smell of

Favour Emeakama
Originally written and Posted on Facebook June 29, 2017.

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