You Still Shout!

You kept shouting
In the tightness of this cold
In this winter’s inability to be friendly
You strut this boldness to stand regardless

You shouted like you had a voice
I know I saw it wither
From a green lush
To a lethargic yellow
I saw your voice wither

You still shout
Knowing the winds will slap you even more
Just as it swept your flowers away in an angry rural migration
Returning to hit your bark like you offended her mother
You call her beatings soca music
You convinced your arms to dance to its afro beats
Sometimes you seem drunk in reggae

If I’ve heard you shout
I’ve seen it in how wide you leave your branches broadened
Letting their teeth grin in place of its missing glory
You still shout
Screaming out loud at the wonder your maker has made of you
You still shout
Asking these busy humans to stand still and gawk at the awe of your bareness.

You still shout.

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