We are all pencils in the hands of our Creator.
Sketches of the pictures in His mind.
He does and will undo at His pleasure – for Our good.
Through the bushy pathways He’s shown us the tracks of His ways.
If only we’ll listen and adhere, in glory then will we walk.
Truth is it ain’t easy.
Plans swerve
Hope is lost
Prayers wear thin
But there’s always morning.
The rays of sunlight are daily bundles of hope.
Hope and a second chance.
Like the flipping pages of a book
One page at a time, until it ends.
He’s kind and compassionate even in the wealth of our folly.
Today is another second chance
Because that’s what God does.
He’s pulled our hands off the sketching tables
Because His plans are ultimate
And we whine when his drawings don’t fancy our tendencies
Lord please keep pulling us away from our sketch pads
That we may leave room for your Grand Design
In the front and center of our lives.